Pure New Zealand Spirit with a Twist
Lemon Z Limoncello is a New Zealand spirit made not just using "a twist" of lemon, but in fact the peel of three lemons in each 750ml bottle.

At 28% alcohol content, Lemon Z only freezes at -18 degrees Centigrade (0 degrees fahrenheit) so keep your freezer just off its coldest setting. Keeping Lemon Z in your freezer means it's always ready to serve - the colder the better, keeping this refreshing drink at its freshest as well.

Used in bars and restaurants internationally, Lemon Z is used to create many wonderful limoncello cocktail recipes. Find out the favourite ways to "mix it with Lemon Z".

Limoncello is the International name given to this style of lemon liqueur but lemoncello, limoncino and lemoncino are other variations all meaning the same thing.