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The Best Heating Solutions for a New Zealand Home

Heating is essential for winter in New Zealand with the cooler months lasting longer with lower temperatures in the South Island. Electric heating is great at providing warmth for homes, except in a power cut with heavy snowfalls or storms perhaps. In these instances a log burner (with wetback) or gas heating can be a great backup or alternative heating solution.

Heating Solutions

1. Log burner 

2. Pellet fuel fire 

3. Gas fires 

4. Open fires 

5. Radiant heaters 

6. Panel heaters 

8. Gas central heating 

9. Fan heaters 

10. Oil-filled fin heaters

When choosing the best solution for heating your New Zealand home you will want to weigh up the pros and cons of each option. Efficiency is a major factor when choosing a home heating solution. You want maximum heat for minimum costs. If you live in a densely populated urban area rather than a more sparsely populated rural area you may find your heating choice is controlled by local council emissions regulations.

Clean Air acts in many areas restrict the use of old, smoky open fires and log burners and resource consent must be sought for all new installations with mindfulness to emissions. In some cases old burners are banned from being used and electric heating must be used instead.

You can buy efficient, clean air log burners and smoke emissions can be further reduced by only burning dry wood and not banking fires overnight. Pellet fuel fires have much lower emissions than an open fire or log burner. Open fires are not common in most New Zealand homes anymore although they are great for atmosphere in public bars and lodges.

Heaters that require electricity vary in their designs, styles and sizes. Some are more efficient than others, so if you are looking to save costs you will need to research energy efficiency, watts used and kilowatts generated. Radiant heaters, panel heaters and oil-filled fin heaters rely on heating the air around the unit through radiation, then that warm air rises, causing cooler air to fall thus heating and causing air to circulate. Fan heaters and heat pumps encourage airflow as well as heating and can heat a room much more quickly than radiant style heaters. 

A heat transfer system can take warm air from one room (often the one with the heat pump or log burner) to other rooms in the house via a network of hoses in the roof space. Many homeowners combine the benefits of a log burner and heat pumps to regulate their homes in winter and summer. A heat pump or air conditioning unit has the added advantage of cleaning the air with filters to remove common allergens and moisture for a healthier, drier home and also cools in summer. A log burner has obvious benefits over heating relying on electricity particularly when there are power outages and the log burner is the freestanding style than can be cooked on. 

NZ Refrigeration Services Ltd offer central heating in Palmerston North for your home. Visit www.nzrsltd.co.nz to learn more about how Fujitsu heat pumps in Palmerston North are supplied and fitted. Choosing a reputable and experienced Palmerston North heat pump installer will save you money. You need to make sure the heat pump is the right size and installed in the correct location within your home otherwise you are wasting both time and money.            

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